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It’s all about the numbers…

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

‘Sales for vanity, profit for sanity and cash is king.’

So says the ancient adage which has echoed around the offices and boardrooms of accountancy firms throughout the ages; and, of course, it still holds true today. But some things have evolved; critically in the way we manage the numbers by using digital programmes and apps to replace the Excel spreadsheets of yesteryear, which in turn saw the end of the heavy ledgers before them.

Okay, with a keen eye on the dangers of over-trading (the temptation to increase your turnover with an insufficient capital base), we must say that sales is more than just a vanity project; it’s the lifeblood of your business. If we don’t get the customers through the door, if we don’t get those contracts signed then what is the point?

Then we have the profit motive, and that’s where we at Enerlytic can help the most. Your business works day and night to grow the revenue, but the end game has to be the bottom line, which is the profit you see in your business after all the bills have been paid. And we think it’s really about the numbers at this point. Get it right and you can look forward to years of sanity to come!

Yes cash is king and it will always be. Run out of cash and you will spend too much of your time frantically juggling your finances, expending your own energy chasing invoices and keeping the bank sweet. And that is what you pay your accountant for.

So… back to profit.

Fixed costs can fluctuate just as much as variable costs do. And with close attention to your outgoings on staff, premises, vehicles, insurances and, of course, energy consumption, you can increase your bottom line and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

In a rapidly changing market, with new technologies and entrants giving more choice than ever, it is so important for you to have access to your energy data and then, when you understand it implicitly, you can take those steps to reduce your consumption.

Data is vital to understanding how much energy your business uses, when and where and, if you have the numbers to hand, you can start to reduce costs and increase your profit. Every business is unique and uses energy in different ways, and each will have its own opportunity to shop around and reduce costs; but only when the data is understood.

To be able to see your electricity usage by the day and access forecasts and trends with seasonal fluctuations is an important capability for you to drive down costs. And by minimising phantom energy consumption you can reduce the outlay of cash to your current provider before you begin to shop around.

Here at Enerlytic we want to join you on your journey by helping you to access the data you need, understand it better and then increase efficiency and reduce the costs.

At the end of February we launched the first of our three platforms which use analytics software to allow businesses to derive energy insights from a laptop or mobile device. Now live and available, our Freemium platform provides a cost and consumption tracker, a comparison tool and online support, completely free of charge.

To book a free demo please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform

And then, the second of our platforms, Advanced Reporting & Analytics is due to go live in May. Analytics is designed to give more insight and analysis to you, to enable a deeper understanding of your consumption profile; making it easier to control your energy budget and reduce your carbon footprint.

The AR&A platform will provide data on anomalies and trends, a live budgeting tool and a risk management tool; and it will keep you informed with the very latest regulatory and market news, with 24 hour online support.

To calculate costs please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform

It’s all about the numbers…and we know where they can be found.

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