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Tips to Save your Business Money on Energy

As a business owner, you’re constantly looking for ways to save. Whether it be saving money, energy or time, all are crucial to making sure your business succeeds. All these factors play a part in how your business runs daily and juggling the costs can begin to weigh you down.

There are several ways in which your business can reduce the energy consumption you use and any extra costs that may bring. Here I’ve outlined some of the ways in which your business can save energy and lower those monthly bills!

The main thing your business can do in order to save energy is to reduce the amount of artificial lighting being used within the workplace. Turning off unnecessary lights and using natural light allows for a reduction in energy consumption. Remember lights that you may not even think of, such as meeting rooms, pantries, corridors and even in stairways. Along with remembering to turn off lights, the type of bulbs you use within lights can make a huge difference. LED lights are more energy efficient than your standard bulb. Less energy is used meaning less money is wasted on your electricity bills.

Did you know using a desktop computer uses more energy than your standard laptop? Laptops typically use less energy due to them being able to be unplugged and used without electricity. Monitors can also contribute to the amount of energy usage that your business may use so this is something to keep in mind when running your business.

My last tip is to switch off any equipment when not in use. This may sound simple, but it is often something we tend to forget. Unplugging equipment that we may not use can also reduce the amount of power that your business is using. Simple things such as coffee machines, vending machines, hand dryers, microwaves, printers and much more should be unplugged before a weekend to reduce energy consumption.

Enerlytic can provide your business with the correct budgeting tools to monitor how much energy your business uses. For more information on how Enerlytic can help your business, book a free demo with us today.

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