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Steps towards a post pandemic Green UK

World leaders will gather in Glasgow, in just two months time, when COP 26 opens on the 1st November. The 12 day conference has been billed as the most important summit since the Paris Agreement, made in 2015.

The aim of COP 26 is to accelerate actions towards the goals of the Agreement and meet the targets of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. And, in this aim, the governments have considerable backing from the business world. In a recent survey, commissioned by energy giant E.ON, nine in ten businesses say a green recovery should be a post pandemic priority, with over three-quarters saying the COVID pandemic has made them re-evaluate how their business can become more sustainable.

Business owners believe they have a responsibility in the battle against climate change and over 80 per cent acknowledge they can take further steps to be more environmentally sound. As well as focussing on recycling and limiting their use of single-use plastics, over 40 per cent of companies have already switched to a renewable energy supplier, saying this was because it is better for the environment and it was part of their wider green strategy.

Busy roads

Greener travel options have also been on the agenda, and this has come further into focus with the news that there are more cars on the road this summer than at any time over the past 18 months. On many major routes traffic has actually risen to above pre-pandemic levels. As well as companies welcoming staff back to the office, trips for leisure and travel have increased as many consumers heeded the government’s advice to ‘enjoy a staycation’ in 2021.

In some areas there has been a 20 per cent increase on pre-pandemic travel levels, while bus and train usage is around half of the levels seen early in 2020, as a survey reported by Railway Technology found that two in five people in the UK are still reluctant to use public transport.

While confidence in public transport might increase, the move to transition towards electric and hybrid vehicles is also gathering pace. Our partners at Electra Commercial Vehicles have a vision to provide the commercial vehicle operator a clean and green solution to help reduce global carbon emissions and keep our city centres running 24 hours a day.

Enerlytic at the MAKE UK Awards

We’ve been short-listed for the Innovation Award at the 2021 Make UK Manufacturing Awards for the North West Region. Having reviewed our application the judges gave us a call, so we’ll be heading to the Marriot Hotel in Preston on Thursday 4th November where the regional winners will be announced.

If you’re free and can come and support us, we’d love to see you there. Individual tickets and tables of ten are available with early bird rates available for a limited time.

Wish us luck!

Welcome to our new clients

NRG Riverside

New Forest Ice Cream

Electra Commercial Vehicles

Hannah is speaking out

Our chief executive, Hannah Drake, is out and about, at the CBI webinar on 9th September, on a panel including Gabrielle Giner, head of environmental Sustainability at BT, and Catherine Westoby, senior policy advisor at BEIS. The webinar will discuss how the UK can lead the way and turn its climate commitments into a clear pathway.

To join Hannah and the panel book here on:

And then, in October, Hannah is speaking at the Greentech Innovators Club in Austria.

What we do at Enerlytic

Spurred on by our passion for creating a greener world we have developed the Enerlytic informative energy platforms. Our goal is simple; to give power back to our clients and give them a clear overview of their energy usage and to help them with carbon reduction strategies.

We do this by offering four platforms, including the recently added, and under development, Carbon Reporting and Monitoring and Intelligent Trading.

We hope to have some more really exciting news so keep in touch, and have a great September.

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