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We’re ready to join the energy revolution

Optimism is in the air; as we in the UK and our friends and contacts abroad begin to dare to look forward to a brighter future. We’re nearing the end of a long winter like few seen before.

And thank goodness!

Tier restrictions turned to lockdown, which meant brisk walks through the ice and snow and long dark nights spent inside, with a brief sojourn for the lucky among us, on Christmas Day. How we long for normality. And we hope it isn’t far away, with a return to meeting family and friends and meals out, and maybe even a concert before too long.

And it’s with this spirit of optimism that the UK business community can help the nation climb out of the shadows, and we at Enerlytic are ready to join the party as we aim to give companies a clear overview of their energy portfolio to enable them to thrive in a greener economy.

The energy revolution brings together businesses which can work together with the best research and expertise, and those which can demonstrate new approaches to providing and distributing cleaner and cheaper energy.

And that’s where we come in.

Enerlytic CEO Hannah Drake has brought together customers and energy experts to create some powerful insight tools and her goal is to create a platform which gives the power back to the user. Our analytics software allows users to easily find actionable insights from their laptop or mobile device and negates the need for spreadsheets.

We’re launching three tools, which will help you measure and analyse your energy consumption and enable you to maximize efficiency and cost savings.

1) Now live and available, our Freemium platform provides a cost and consumption tracker, a comparison tool and online support which is completely free of charge.

2) In May we launch our Advanced Reporting & Analytics platform, which is designed to give more insight and rich analysis to you, making it easier to control your energy budget and reduce your carbon footprint.

The AR&A platform will provide consumption data to analyse patterns, anomalies and trends, a live budgeting tool and a risk management tool, and it will keep you informed with the very latest regulatory and market news, with 24 hour online support.

3) Our third platform, Intelligent Trading currently in the analysis phase, will facilitate integration of renewable technologies and the ability to switch between solar, battery and grid.

We’ll keep the news and updates coming and look forward to working with you.

Welcome to Next-Gen and Electra

Working with like-minded businesses makes life all the richer; and we’re really happy to start the year with two new partnerships.

Next-Gen Solar based in Whalley, Lancashire, provides green energy solutions to help you save money and reduce your solar footprint, while Electra Commercial Vehicles in Blackburn is concentrating its efforts to bring 100 per cent electric cars to the market to reduce the impact vehicles have on the environment and our city centres.

Check them out at:

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