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Welcome to Enerlytic Insight

We live in unprecedented times; 2020 was the year of the pandemic and we hope 2021 will be the year of global recovery. Last week the Prime Minister tempered his optimism that the vaccine programme is carrying us along the road to freedom with the assertion that COVID 19 is here to stay and we will learn to live with it, much as we do with the Flu.

Where were we before it all began? Brexit had happened (just) and the UK and EU continued to joust for position, in the UK’s case on a global stage. Meanwhile, another huge issue facing us all was the ongoing fight to slow down the rate at which our planet is warming. As a society, we have greater awareness of our impact on the planet. Now more than ever the need to reduce our carbon footprint is at the forefront of our minds, influencing our future energy decisions.

And so, through our passion for creating a cleaner and greener world, alongside our recognition of the need for an informative energy platform, at the end of 2020 Eneryltic was born.

Founder and CEO, Hannah Drake, brings over a decade of experience in the energy markets, having worked with complex clients across the UK, Europe and the US, helping some of the world’s biggest companies optimise their energy usage. Hannah has worked for a range of energy companies, collaborating closely with end users, and was surprised to see just how many corporate clients still relied on a mountain of spreadsheets to analyse and maximise their energy efficiency.

So Enerlytic has brought together customers and energy experts to create some powerful insight tools. Our goal is to create a platform which gives the power back to the user and allows a clear overview of their energy portfolio. By providing more data to our customers, we can help them actively Measure and Analyse their energy consumption, enabling them to ultimately Reduce usage and costs.



Our analytics software allows users to easily derive actionable insights from their laptop or mobile device, and the first of three platforms was launched at the end of February 2021.

Now live and available, our Freemium platform provides a cost and consumption tracker, a comparison tool and online support, completely free of charge.

The Enerlytics platform is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform and follows industry security protocols.

To book a free demo please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform


Next up…Analytics scheduled for May

The second of our platforms, Advanced Reporting & Analytics is due to go live in May and this is designed to give more insight and rich analysis to you, our customers, enabling a deeper understanding of your consumption profile; making it easier to control your energy budget and reduce your carbon footprint.

The AR&A platform will provide consumption data interrogation to analyse patterns, anomalies and trends, a live budgeting tool and a risk management tool, and it will keep you informed with the very latest regulatory and market news, with 24 hour online support.

To calculate costs please visit: Enerlytic | Energy Insights Platform


The Race for Net-Zero

Back in November 2020, Boris Johnson appointed MP Andrew Griffith as the UK’s Net Zero Business Champion, with the goal to support UK businesses in creating plans that will allow them to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 or earlier.

Griffith has decent credentials for the job, helping Sky Plc to be one of the first carbon neutral companies in his time with the media giant. He’ll be tasked with driving forward Johnson’s ten-point plan for a green industrial revolution which he hopes will create 250,000 jobs while providing UK businesses with a choice of greener energy.

Griffith’s appointment will direct the government’s attention towards business and their role in reaching net-zero consumption, with a consultation period up until March 2021 which will explore ways to evidence steps taken to reach that goal.

So how has business responded so far? Well, in 2019 the Climate Pledge was founded by Amazon and Global Optimism and requires signatories to measure and report greenhouse gas emissions, and this month 20 new companies have joined, increasing the total to 53. Meanwhile Santander Bank has joined the race for net zero emission, last week publishing their plans to become zero-carbon by 2050 with goals including, strikingly, an aim to stop providing financial services to power generation clients with more than 10 per cent of revenues dependent on thermal coal… by the year 2030.


Expect a bigger energy bounce back in 2021

COVID-19 has interrupted pretty much everything over the past 12 months; not least the demand for energy, as businesses closed down or reduced their operations. Any rise in domestic usage by all of us stuck at home was hugely outweighed by the drop in industrial demand; by April 2020 the overall demand had dropped by almost 20 per cent.

But as companies began to incorporate measures which allowed them to get back to business the recovery began, and by November the demand for electricity had returned, in European countries, up to 2019 levels. 2020 was a record breaker for the UK’s wind power industry as it reached 17.2GW’ in December, and data from the National Grid revealed that between April 10th and June 16th Britain saw its longest run since the industrial revolution generating electricity without using coal, stretching to almost 68 days.

The National Grid ESO also launched a new wider access application programming interface. This new interface allows energy providers to connect and communicate in real-time with the ESO’s systems.

We’re in a climate of guarded optimism and the Bank of England has forecast that the economy will bounce strongly this year; the corporate world is back in business and here at Enerlytic we are determined to help put the power back in your company’s hands.

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