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Welcome to NRG Riverside and New Forest Ice Cream

Here at Enerlytic we are delighted to announce our partnerships with two news clients, Skelmersdale based NRG Riverside and Hampshire’s New Forest Ice Cream company.

NRG manages over 5,000 vehicles nationwide, working with some of the UK’s most complex fleets as the largest and most diverse fleet hire company in the country, with over 25 years experience. And in collaboration with our friends and partners at Electra Commercial Vehicles, NRG offers a range of alternative, more sustainable vehicles and fuel to help the nation meet its carbon reduction targets.

As part of the government’s drive to decarbonise the transport sector, there will be no new diesel or petrol heavy goods vehicles (HGV) sold after 2040. NRG and Electra are able to help customers work towards a clean operation with the full benefit of electric vehicles, both from Electra and other brands. NRG provides new and used vehicles and uses the technology to convert cars and lorries to zero emission, enabling them to work in clean air zones.

The vehicles are designed for the demands of commercial vehicle cycles and batteries are 100 per cent recyclable, ensuring a long life with minimal degradation. Electra’s battery management system uses telemetry to monitor and control each battery cell, array and cassette, allowing variable power inputs to ensure optimal charging.

In addition to battery power, NRG provides other carbon reducing fuels, including clean diesel, with lower emissions to maintain the power for long distance and heavy loads; hybrid electric for vehicles which combine long distance and city centre work while, in the near future, hydrogen fuel vehicles will increasingly give better range for medium and long haul operations.

Cooling off

Any business in any sector can join the fight against climate change as we all look for ways to operate in a greener, more sustainable way, while giving our customers the very best products and services.

Here at Enerlytic we love an ice cream and so, for more than one reason, we are delighted and excited to announce that New Forest Ice Cream has joined us. The sweltering conditions over the past few days have given us the perfect excuse to treat ourselves; though we don’t really need it!

With a mouth-watering range of ice creams, including clotted cream raspberry ripple, spiced fruit shortcake and coffee mocha swirl, there is something for every ice cream lover, and you’ll find New Forest Ice Creams across the UK in restaurants, hotels, pubs and cafes. Their delicious range is also available on retail shelves, at theme parks and, of course at beachfront kiosks.

During the year of the staycation there’s every chance you’ve tasted one of New Forest’s ice creams.

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